Tips To Keep The Younger Ones Out Of Trouble While Driving

When learning to drive, you must be very excited about it. Also, being young blood, we often see how you press the accelerator hard and leave the brake pedals like there is nothing. However, when you are driving on the streets or the highway, these driving habits can bring you tickets worth thousands, or even worse, collisions.

 Now we all are afraid of colliding with another vehicle, right? Not only because it might bring us injuries but also because it will cause damages worth thousands of dollars to our vehicles. Thus, the LA collision center has brought some tips to help you teach safe driving to your younger ones.

 Here are some defensive driving tricks that will help you to keep you away from collision: 

Stay alert

You have to be focused and alert whenever you are behind that fifth wheel of the vehicle. The professionals from the best auto body shop in Los Angeles have repeatedly said that being alert is one of the best ways to tackle collisions while driving. A driver should always be free from the influences of drugs and alcohol before they sit behind the steering wheel. A lot of things depend on the judgment and reaction of the driver. Thus, always stay alert and stay focused while driving.

Think safety first

You need to always be cautious while driving. Most aggressive and defensive drivers face the collision more often than the drivers driving with an alert, cautious mentality. Avoid inattentive driving techniques and always think for every rider in the vehicle with you. Always wear your seatbelts, lock the doors, and while driving, leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front.

Be aware of the surroundings

You should check the rearview mirrors while driving. The LA collision center professionals suggest that drivers check their rearview mirrors every three seconds while driving. Checking your rearview mirrors frequently will help you scan conditions 20-30 seconds ahead of you. When the vehicle shows signs of aggressive driving, you can slow down or pull over to try and avoid it.

Follow the three-to-four-second rule

Since the great collisions happen mostly from the vehicle in front, you should keep your eyeballs moving in every road direction. When the vehicle shows any signs of aggressive driving, you can always slow down and pull over to avoid such situations. When the driver ahead is driving dangerously, you should always maintain a safe distance from them and even make a stop to let them go forward if necessary. You should deliberately drive slower than on other days in bad weather conditions.

Keep the speed down

You should always keep your speed limits maintained. Higher speed makes controlling the vehicle a little tough for everyone. Therefore, controlling your vehicle will become much more difficult at higher speeds, especially when the weather has not been in your favor. Keeping your speed down is also a piece of great advice for these young drivers.

Have an escape route

You must keep an escape route ready when you are driving. This is the best way to avoid dangers coming your way. You need to position your vehicle so that even if such a situation arrives and increases the chance of collision, you must keep calm and scan the escape route out of the situation prepared. We suggest you always leave yourself a place to slide into when the immediate travel path is suddenly blocked.

Prevent cell phone usage

You need to take care of this important aspect while giving driving lessons to the younger ones. The new-age drivers are so addicted to their phones that they often use their phones while driving. Picking up calls while driving, replying to texts while stuck in a jam, and now some people even type replies while driving. This will cause a distraction for the drivers, and when they get distracted, a collision becomes more likely to happen than not. Studies have shown that almost 23% of road collisions happen because drivers were unattentive to the road and probably used their cell phones.

Model great driving habits

The most amazing way to instill in teenagers good driving habits, one must make sure they wear their seat belts, always turn signals, and not get distracted while driving. You can tell them about these things while driving, and they are in the car with you. This way, they will develop defensive driving habits and not get into any trouble while driving on the streets. By practicing these amazing driving habits, your teen will grow up to follow the rules of the streets themselves.

 However, if your kid somehow finds themselves in a collision, you can always turn to the auto body shop in Los Angeles. These amazing professionals of LA Collision repair services will take care of your vehicle and deliver your vehicle back in the latest condition. Like it is just arriving at your home from the showroom.