Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They and are They Worth the Investment?

Under the new normal brought by the COVID-19 pandemic that has started two years ago, the usage of motorcycles for private transportation, business purposes and work like deliveries has increased amid this situation.

Motorcycles have been a great help in the current health restrictions. Many people have been relying on door-to-door deliveries to buy their necessities and needs and keep running their business by offering the same method of purchase.

Yet, because of the rapid rise in motorcycles, incidents involving this type of vehicle have been happening more frequently these days. Traffic, hastiness, and several other situations can lead a motorcycle to stumble down and hit the ground. Riders can also lose control while manoeuvring on or off-road or losing balance because of any obstacles on the road itself.

One of the ways to secure safety while using a motor bike is to get a set of crash bars that are considered essential for motorcycle protection and the owner.


Crash bars protrude past the motorcycles and are designed to be a piece for safety precautions in the form of a tube, usually installed on the bike’s frame or engine. Because of its placement, it acts as an important barrier between the ground and the bike. There are several types of crash bars, depending on motorcycle variants and models, including naked, adventure, sports bikes, and more. 

Typically, crash bars are made out of mild steel or stainless steel and are available in the variants of 22mm and 27mm, which differ per manufacturer. Because of its variations, a motorcycle owner must take a good look at what type of crash bar would fit perfectly to the bike unit to avoid buying more than one accessory and ensure its proper instalment after purchase.

The process of making a crash bar starts with creating a prototype by measuring it directly through the help of a motorbike model, fixing the appropriate points to ensure the best installation it can get before moving on to the wielding model. After finishing the wielded model, the series production starts, eventually resulting in crash bar supplies that are also increasing in the market’s demand these days.

Because of the new normal, and more people are discovering the delivery process, whether online purchase, custom orders, same day deliveries, and more, motorcycles have been the center of income for the past years now. And it has been intensified due to the current health restrictions that are being implemented across the globe. And even if some countries have already lifted these strict protocols, the use of motorcycles to do business and avail products or services straight to one’s home isn’t subsiding.

Understanding how crash bars like SW Motech frame sliders and other popular types are important for a motorcycle, especially for the owner itself, is vital to ensure safety and is one of the ways one can preserve the life of the bike unit.

To learn more about motorcycle bars and its investment worth, you can read this infographic from Motorrad Garage.