Top Ten Winter Driving Tips

1. Don’t drive. Sounds easy, right? But it is a good rule to keep in mind. Lots of accidents happened when individuals thought “Oh, it is just just a little snow and I am not going that far.” Don’t drive without having to.

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2. File a flight ticket plan. If you need to drive, tell someone (or leave an email) where you are going, the path you’ll decide to try make it happen (and back) and just how lengthy you will be gone. This way, if you are past due they’ll know where to consider you.

3. Carry the best stuff. For winter, you will need a couple of extra things inside your road safety package that might or might not live there throughout the other seasons: Snow chains for the tires, blanket, extra group of winter clothes (hat, mitts, scarf, jacket), walking footwear, sand (for traction – NEVER use cat litter!), small shovel, flash light, a magazine (or any other entertainment in situation you are stuck some time), rope, maps (printed maps in situation cell towers are lower), pen & paper (to depart an email within the vehicle if embark by walking), small backpack (to hold requirements along with you should you hike away), umbrella, and a few water and food.

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4. Water and food. Humans can live three days without food and 72 hours without water, but who would like to wait? You will need water and snacks not only to keep the energy up but to maintain your spirits as well. Have a couple of bottles water and a few such things as protein or meal substitute bars, nuts, crackers, chocolate bars, hard chocolate, etc. Important tip: Keep a minimum of water and food within achieve from the driver’s seat. Many scenarios would help you not able to maneuver or leave the vehicle to obtain things from the trunk.

5. Full tank of gas. A great habit to get involved with all year long ’round so when planning any emergency. A complete tank is much more helpful than wishing you’d a complete tank. Turn it into a habit to top your tank off a few occasions per week. Tie your service station visit with something do regularly. Besides, the gas you purchase today might be less expensive than tomorrow’s!