The Benefits of Transporting Your Car to Another State

Your new work requires you to move across the country, and that means packing up the whole family, including the cars. It will be challenging to complete the transfer in the time allotted and be ready to begin the new job. You don’t have to be physically present when shipping a car from state to state, but you will need to be actively involved in other processes.

Transporting a car over state lines is quick, easy, and convenient, with a reliable timeframe for delivery. You can opt to transport one or more autos in one piece, have them sent in a covered trailer, and follow their journey starting from the moment they leave your previous residence. It’s the best solution to a problem, relieving you of one less thing to stress over throughout your move.

In this article, we will be going over all of the benefits of transporting your car to another state and how AutoStar Transport will help every step of the way.

Saves Time and Effort

Relocating your car from its current position requires some work and time. The time and energy you put in are invaluable and cannot be replaced. You can maximize the former and attend to more pressing concerns during the latter by exporting your vehicle.

Helps you avoid spending too much money on unpredictable costs.

Staying in hotels and topping up your gas tank frequently are necessities for long-distance travel. These costs can add up rapidly and have a major impact on your vacation budget. If you’re already spending a lot of money on the relocation of your household, shipping your car can help you save money that you can put to better use.

Costs for Transporting Vehicles Are Reasonable

The total cost of shipping your car is typically lower than the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation. The car shipping company’s price will include not only the cost to pick up your vehicle but also the cost to deliver it to its final destination. Because your car is being put onto a trailer with other cars, the cost is being split between you and the other car owners. Because of this, the car shipping company can guarantee a safe arrival at your location without charging you as much.

The suspension and other mechanical parts of your car will degrade as you drive. Long-distance interstate travel increases the wear and tear on your vehicle and the frequency with which you’ll need to replace its components. Keeping your automobile on a transporter can save you money on maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of your car’s mechanical components.

Keeps Your Car’s Value Up for a Longer Time

In general, the value of a car decreases as time passes. An automobile with low mileage and regular maintenance will retain its worth better than one with a larger mileage and less upkeep. As was previously said, driving a lot of miles on a trip will significantly reduce your car’s resale value.

By placing your vehicle on a car mover for a one-way trip, you can prevent having unnecessary miles added to your car’s odometer. As a result, your car will retain its low mileage and, to some extent, its resale value.

You Shouldn’t Worry About a Breakdown on the Road

Every time you start your car, there is a chance that something will go wrong. This shouldn’t be an issue if you keep your vehicle close to home or if you have easy access to a reliable repair facility. When traveling for an extended period of time, you might have to drive through areas where services are few. Shipping your car ensures it arrives at your new home without incident, gives you more time to choose a reliable technician, and reduces the stress of moving.

Covered Trailers Protect Your Car From the Elements and Scratches

True, there is still the possibility of body damage on an open vehicle carrier, but whether you own an exotic sports car or a daily driver, you don’t want your vehicle damaged. An enclosed auto trailer offers the potential to eliminate all exposure when transporting your vehicle. The sidewalls protect the car’s body from flying debris, ensuring that it reaches its final destination in the same condition in which it left your previous home.

If you need to move more than one vehicle to your new home, you can do it by loading each vehicle onto a separate trailer. No need to sort them out or organize transportation for them.

Get Ready, Get Set, Launch!

You can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up whenever you’re ready to relocate. In other words, once your vehicle has been unloaded from the trailer and driven to your new home, you can legally claim possession of it.

Track Your Vehicle’s Progress While on the Move

Using cutting-edge logistics technology, the auto shipping company monitors where the truck and trailer carrying your car now are. This allows the logistics team to keep you updated on the whereabouts of your car at regular intervals. This facilitates both your capacity to arrange for your car’s arrival and your ability to be there when it is delivered.

It’s Straightforward

Shipping a car with a reputable company is a quick and easy process. You can begin the process of having your vehicle picked up and delivered by calling an auto shipper, discussing your shipping needs with a representative, and receiving a quote. Simply inform the shipper of the scheduled pickup and delivery times for your vehicle.


Shipping your car has several benefits, like reducing your worry, making sure it gets there safely, and keeping its value intact while in transit. Don’t delay your move out of fear of the difficulties that come with a long drive. If you’re moving across state lines and need your car shipped, you can check off another item on your to-do list by hiring AutoStar Transport. Click here for information on auto transport to your new home and to get a free quote today.