Medellin Driving – Strategies for People from other countries

Driving in Medellin – Some Suggestions for People from other countries

It had been September 2007 which i first drove a vehicle in Medellin. A buddy had loaned me his “beater” and that i drove on the Sunday if this was quiet and required the plunge fearlessly driving from El Poblado to El Centro and back. It had been somewhat exciting but immediately apparent that driving here differs from driving within the U . s . States.

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When I began to head out more numerous things struck me. The motor cycle listed here are crazy and aggressive. They spread each side, zip out and in, come lower the center, and follow no laws and regulations apart from stopping at red lights a few of the time. Therefore the first lesson is in which to stay your lane so when you leave it, don’t believe in mirrors, consider your turns so that you can place the motor bike inside your blind place.

The following observation is the fact that busses listed here are bullies. They are fully aware they’re larger than you and also they already know you’ll back away. Making this a fight you can’t win and really should be ready to lose once they choose to take out before you or all of a sudden stop and block you. Carefully adopted when it comes to annoyance would be the taxis who will also stop anywhere unconditionally not seeming of looking after that they’re blocking you. But occasionally I actually do find considerate taxis making this not really a universal condemnation in our yellow colored buddies.

Keeping all of this in your mind we have to address the sign situation or lack thereof. Point here’s you need to know the right path around. Otherwise you might find yourself missing a potential turn and it might take you fifteen minutes or even more to return to in which you were. There are numerous one of the ways roads here and a number of them are poorly marked. You don’t know you’re going the wrong manner before you begin to see the oncoming cars flashing their lights to you and gesturing using their hands.

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The motorists generally in Medellin I’ve found to become more Type A motorists instead of the more docile senior motorists in Florida where I most lately originated from. I love the motorists here. Controlled aggressive, alert but very patient. And lots of are very polite in allowing you to from a front yard or side street. It is really a carryover from the Paisa culture and that i locate them more considerate within this regards compared to average US driver. Not to mention their persistence is learned coming from all the lengthy lines they stand it at banks and government offices. I’m frequently amazed that i’m the only person studying a magazine lined up while everyone else is simply with patience standing there.

The following factor to bear in mind may be the Transito. Fundamental essentials men and women nattily attired within their well pressed blue uniforms instead of the Policia within their drab military uniforms. Be conscious that the Policia are the buddies and therefore are to catch crooks and never hassle you relating to your possible driving violations. The Transito would be the enemy. They provides you with an costly ticket for parking (my 4g iphone would be a simple parking ticket costing $125 USD), speaking in your mobile phone (I’ve Bluetooth now), not putting on your seatbelt, Pico y Placa violations (every six several weeks Pico y Placa is announced for the license plates ending inside a certain number and also you cannot drive 2 days per week from 7:00-8:30AM each morning and 5:30 to 7:00 PM at night) and DUI’s.

The only real vibrant place using the Transito is the fact that sometimes you’ll be able to have your “day in the court” before he writes your ticket. Quite simply it doesn’t hurt to settle your ticket in those days that could finish up helping you save money and time. I understand this might bother some moralists but something that saves me money and time, without selling my soul, I’m all for.