How to Spot a Bad Window Tinting Job

The growing industry of car window tinting in Las Vegas, NV, and other US locations has convinced many vehicle owners to invest in window tints to improve the car’s safety and security. Window tinting is now one of the most common ways to modify a car or even other forms of personal property like residential or commercial structures.

Despite the popularity of window tinting in Henderson, NV, and other US locations, many vehicle owners are unaware that the quality of the tint application on their windows is high-quality. Many drivers are being scammed by businesses that offer cheap services. Meanwhile, other car owners apply the tint by themselves, which results in the tint not being correctly installed into the window.

Paying for a service without getting the desired results is a waste of money. So, car owners need to know how to spot awful window tinting jobs.

 One of the most common ways of checking if the window tint is of poor quality is by checking if air bubbles are forming between the window glass and the tint. Air bubbles are pretty standard during the first two weeks after the application of the tint. But, in case that it still does not disappear after two weeks, it is a sign of a lousy window tint application.

Another indication of terrible window tinting jobs is if the tint film easily peels from the window glass. Peeling is typical for old window tints that have been used for many years. But if the tint is already peeling after several weeks, then you should know that you need to have it replaced already.

Incompetent tinting jobs can cause financial stress to car owners, so it is essential to know how to check for awful tint applications. To learn more about how you can spot lousy window tinting jobs, check this infographic from Kepler Window Films and Coatings.