How To Distinguish Between an Armored and Regular Vehicle

Gone are the times, when armored vehicles were limited to a particular population in the society. Due to the extensive growth in crimes, there are over 100,000 civilian-driven armored vehicles currently on the road around the world! These vehicles have also undergone a transition in appearance over the years and now they no longer look like tanks. In fact, there are electric cars and other family-friendly options available today as armored vehicles. 

Due to the increased demand today, various firms undertake the task of forging an armored vehicle for you. But only few like Troy Armoring can be trusted with their quality and authenticity of manufacturing. 

We are all acquainted with the benefits that an armored vehicle can offer. Therefore, here we shall go beyond the basics and look at how does one distinguish between armored and regular vehicle-

A] A Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

The first thing the eye notices in any car is its frame. The entire frame in an armored vehicle is covered in tempered steel and applied to the frame with no gaps, which makes the body of an armored vehicle vastly distinct from that of a regular vehicle. This ballistic-grade steel frame retains the shape of the vehicle while providing a higher level of security.

B] Ballistic Glass

The Glass, made of leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate is another feature of an armored vehicle. It is usually entirely reinstalled and allows the windows, windshield, and rear window to absorb energy from assaults without shattering.

C] Robust Bumpers and Tires

An armored vehicle should have the potential to run through just about anything. Even when punctured, it should be able to get people to safety. The bumpers and tires of an armored vehicle can withstand a repeated impact thereby ensuring safety. 

D] Rebuilt Mechanics 

In order to haul the armor, an armored vehicle will often have modified brakes, suspension, and engine components which will help you distinguish it from a regular vehicle. 

Today, many armored vehicles are meant to blend in and remain as inconspicuous as possible. All the above-mentioned aspects can help you tell if you’re looking at an armored vehicle. The advancements in armoring and improved car design makes it nearly impossible to tell a regular vehicle from an armored vehicle. So next time you come across vehicles; look for these signs to recognize an armored vehicle.