How PPF Keeps Your Vehicle Looking New

When you own a car that you admire, you will want to do all possible to keep it in top condition. However, as you drive it and the weather takes its toll, the exterior will lose its individuality. While you could take it to an auto shop for regular repairs, paint protection film (PPF) is a more cost-effective and long-lasting option.

PPF, often known as a car’s “clear bra,” protects the delicate paint that covers an automobile from being cracked or damaged by anything that affects it, from debris to other car doors. When clients need paint protection film in Andover, MA, they know they can rely on Automotive Elegance to handle the job. Only by utilizing XPEL materials can they provide the highest quality PPF available, with seven options, including custom work!

Understanding PPF

When people bring their cars in for PPF treatments at Automotive Elegance, they have a lot of questions, many of which are the same as others who came in before them. Fortunately, all of these are simple to answer.

While PPF is often used to protect your car’s paint, it is also used to cover other exposed components of the automobile, such as the bumper and headlights. You do not have to apply PPF to your entire vehicle at once, especially if this is beyond your pricing range.

Automotive Elegance recommends starting with the areas most prone to damage, which is usually the front end. This procedure may be completed in two days using their most popular package, Platinum. If you want your entire car wrapped, you should expect it to be at the shop for a little longer, usually around a week.

Any automobile may be insured with PPF, but it is recommended that you do it as soon as possible. This is because it just protects your vehicle’s current paint quality and does not cover any pre-existing flaws.

The Advantages of XPEL PPF

There is a reason why Automotive Elegance only uses XPEL products, and it is simple to grasp. Along with the previously stated scratch resistance, you could expect the following:

  • Doesn’t Yellow: As they get dirty, many different PPF materials can start to look old. XPEL, on the other hand, has been tested and shown to have anti-yellow technology that lasts for more than ten years.
  • Color Protection: Because it acts as a barrier between your car’s paint and the world around it, you won’t have to worry about debris staining or fading from the sun’s rays.
  • Worth of Resale: Because your vehicle has been well-maintained and will continue to appear flawless as it ages, you are more likely to get a better deal if you try to trade it in or sell it to another person.

Andover’s Finest PPF Service Providers

Automotive Elegance is the best choice for PPF services because it has been named an XPEL US Dealer of the Year for six years in a row. They have 18 trained XPEL professionals ready to take on simple and highly specialized projects. Throughout their 20+ years in business, they have collaborated with several dealers and repair shops, with quality continually maintained at a high level.

In addition to PPF, Automotive Elegance uses XPEL products for window tinting and ceramic coating. They can work on any car, from common brands like Toyota to expensive brands like Porsche. They now additionally offer PPF services for electric vehicles!

Some people rely on their cars for a living, and they want to keep them looking nice for as long as possible using PPF done with XPEL materials, which has been guaranteed for more than a decade. After evaluating the various packages offered by Automotive Elegance, contact them to organize a tour of the facility, learn how the process works, and obtain your free quotation.