Do You Know How Custom Puddle Lights Will Upgrade Your Ride?


Car enthusiasts frequently customize their vehicles. Many people will experiment with various features that will set their cars apart from the competition. Many people have tried a fresh paint to give their cars a boost.

Vehicles that are noisy and quick have also been built with powerful engines. Others will upgrade their audio equipment by adding new speakers and amplifiers so they can listen to nice or loud music while driving.

Extra illumination is another option you have in your car. Custom lighting can be installed to make your car’s inside and outside look stunning.

You can always buy any custom puddle lights for your car from PimpMyEV, who offers accessories and modifications for the well-known electric car brands.

Puddle lights are lights that are included into the lower portion of an automobile’s outside mirrors and are used to illuminate the area under the front door. They typically start working when the driver approaches the car and uses a remote key fob to open it.

What are custom puddle lights?

Puddle lights made to order are exactly what they sound like. Have you ever stepped into a muddy puddle right after getting out of your car? By lighting the driveway or sidewalk adjacent to your car, these upgrades stop that from happening.

Puddle lights illuminate the ground next to your car by attaching to the door panels. You won’t ever have to be concerned about muddy puddles or worse thanks to these lights because the ground will be beautifully illuminated.

Even at night, they will assist you in determining whether or not your car is parked in between the lines. When it is too dark to see, these lights will direct your steps and parking. With unique puddle lights, you no longer have to worry about ruining your new shoes. 

Make the car door lights your own


The specifications of bespoke puddle lights are their best feature. Your local car club’s insignia or the theme of your vehicle are also acceptable designs for these lights.

They are produced using a technique known as “GOBO,” or “go between optics.” Here, a light source is covered with a stenciled picture, pattern. The projected image is “between” the light and the surface.

This projection uses puddle lights to leave a pattern on the ground close by that matches the color or overall appearance of your car. Your favorite superhero logo or a car insignia that matches the brand and model of your vehicle are just two of the many readymade alternatives available in a rainbow of hues.

This addition enables the car’s owner to display their passions, such as their love of old Chevy automobiles, their support for breast cancer awareness, or even a design that honors a special place in their heart.

The high-powered GOBO Lights from PimpMyEV come in a variety of patterns and logos, but they also urge their clients to ask about using their own non-copyrighted designs in a bespoke application so they can make a genuinely unique puddle light for you. You may also get many more ideas from social network like Facebook from your friends too.