Change To Studded Tyres If You Need More Ice Grip

studded tyres

Now when the winter is approaching, you might want to change to studded winter tyres. You must change away from summer tyres if you plan to drive in winter conditions. There are two options you can change to, studded or non-studded tyres for winter use. The studded tyres have, as the name indicates, small studs made of metal that is integrated into the tread. They protrude from the tread to create traction between the vehicle and the surface. Especially on icy surfaces, the studded tyres have exceptional grip as the studs dig into the ice and create good traction. This traction is needed to make sure that you can get the vehicle moving from a standstill, allow you to stay on the road hrough turns and prevent you from sliding, and it will allow you to brake and come to a complete stop.

When you start driving with new studded tyres it is important that you drive cautiously the first 500km whereas you allow the studs to set properly in the rubber, which will make them last longer and perform better on ice. You should also check that you don´t have more than 25% difference number of studs between the tires, as that can cause unstable driving conditions.

Without a proper grip, you will be just sliding all over the place. The studs on new winter tyres are smaller than they were in the past, so you will have a good driving experience with them.  If you want to have the best grip on winter roads, then the studded tyre is the best option. Before mounting them on your car, you should check what regulations are in place for the period you can use them.  Once mounted on your vehicle, you will experience superior grip on all winter surfaces. So you can feel safe when you are driving during the winter.

You have to remember that not all countries allow for the use of studded tyres, so that you will need to check before you head out on a trip where you will cross borders. Big countries like Germany and Poland do not allow for the use of studded tyres on their roads, so you can´t visit or cross the country.

It is important to know more about your tyres. There are plenty of places on the Internet to update yourself on tyre facts. In Europe, the importer is responsible for the recycling of tyres. They should not be thrown into the garbage but should be recycled. 

Approximately 90% of a tyre can be reused for other purposes. Often, they are ground down and used for road filling. It is all part of the tyre’s lifecycle, from extracting the rubber to producing a tyre, using the tyre and then finishing it off with recycling the tyre. So return the tyre to the place where you purchased it; this can easily be done when you buy a new set of tyres.

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