Book An Expert In Shipping Vehicles To The Hilly Terrain of Kentucky

The very famous Bill Monroe who bought bluegrass music and Derby horse race is a legendary name from the state of Kentucky. This is why it is also called the bluegrass state. Being a major coal producer of the country, interstate transportation to and fro from this state is always in motion. This state also holds 2 major military bases in the country, Fort Campbell and Fort Knox.

Ship A Car, Inc. provides excellent services on shipping and unbeatable prices in Kentucky. Their main service locations in the state are Lexington-Fayette, Covington, Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, Ironville, and Meads. They provide doorstep delivery as well as pick from all pin codes of the state.

Geographically, the state is connected with 7 other states at its Southeast and Midwest borders, with West Virginia at its Northeast borders, and Virginia in the east. At the southern border lies Tennessee and at the western border lies Missouri. You will find Ohio and Indiana at the northern border and Illinois in the Northwestern area.

The terrain of Kentucky is widely distributed. The Appalachian mountain chain lays in the east and the knob-like hills cover the west containing the famous bluegrass region of the state. There are their famous western coalfields spanning over thousands of miles of coal which end into the lowland areas farther towards the west end of the state.

Due to the difficult terrain, many shipping companies charge little higher prices for delivering to difficult-to-reach locations.

Facts about using auto-shipment services in Kentucky

  • The vehicle shipment services are easily available here because of the ease of accessibility with interconnectivity provided by the interstate highways.
  • It has the largest inland port of the United States, Huntington Port which also provides another route of shipment.
  • The difficult terrain of this state is a driving factor in determining the overall cost of shipping. Other factors are the weight of the vehicle, size, and total distance.
  • Since it is a snowbird state many people require shipment of their vehicles to southern states during winters.
  • The shipping costs are much higher during winters here as compared to the warm season due to the high demand surge.
  • However, in the same season, if your shipment route is towards Kentucky coming from Florida, you will find very cheap deals on shipping.
  • 6 interstate highways are connecting the state that making it easier for auto-carriers to deliver their shipments to many locations in the state.
  • There are also 7 parkways connecting the state.
  • The rural areas touched by these highways have a speed limit of 105-113km/hr.

Using car shipping companies is more cost-effective in the end because driving the car over long distances has many implications. There is a lot of wear and tear, on-road damage, fuel charges, and food expenses that we often forget to involve while calculating the total amount.

Apart from the cost involved, the main advantage of using shipping services is the safety they provide to our vehicles by using protective carriers and experienced drivers to transit through such long distances.